MagenID is a privately held company, focused on providing integrated solutions for different market segments, such as audit, government, finance and security.

  • Software Delivery

    We deliver best in class software solutions in data analysis, data visualization, financial crime and security areas. As most of our products are compliemntary, we can also deliver custom solutions, based on your needs.

  • Installation

    Our Certified Consultants will support you with the software installation and give you guidelines for implemention our solutions in different environemnts and architecture, depending on your needs.
  • Training

    Our Certified trainer will deliver certified on-site or remote training. We can also provide online training courses and certification.

  • Specialized Services

    Our experts can deliver variaty of services, including automated script development, creation of specific data visualizations, perform advanced data analysis, building custom solutions, etc.
  • Consultancy

    Our experts can provide consultancy and share their experience and knowledge in different areas, including how to maximaize the benefits of the implemented solution and getting high RoI
  • Maintenance & Support

    We deliver best in class technical support and maintenance to our customers, according to defined SLA.