Arbutus Analyzer is a powerful data access and analysis solution that auditors, business analysts, and fraud investigators use to access and analyze data quickly and simply. Its robust performance and easy to use features gives you the shortest route to answers in your data



What it is designed to be is the right tool for departments where audit, fraud and business analysis needs to occur within a diverse and changing data environment by users with varied, but valuable skills and experiences. We have listed some, but certainly not all, of Analyzer’s well thought out capabilities in meeting the demanding needs of our users

Data Integrity

  1. Verify

    Verify is to identify data validity errors in your data

  2. Statistics

    Statistics calculate profile statistics such as highest, lowest and range on numeric or date fields

  3. Stratify

    Stratifycount the number of records falling into specified intervals (strata) of numeric or elapsed time field

  4. Classify/Summarize

    Classify/Summarize generate summary data use one or multiple key fields

  5. Read only

    Unlike spreadsheets, your raw data sources cannot be changed when using Analyzer, ensuring the integrity of your analysis

Data Analysis

  1. Age

    Age perform an aging analysis on any appropriate date field

  2. Crosstab

    Used in the same way as a pivot table in Excel, Crosstab creates hyperlinked summary results for easy drive down capabilities

  3. Gap

    Identify any gaps in a sequence of numbers

  4. Duplicates

    Test for a wide range of duplicates from exact to fuzzy

Data Access & Usability

  1. Multiple Data Sources

    Define and access a wide range of data sources including most databases, Excel, PDF’s and XML

  2. Direct Access

    Have live, direct access to databases

  3. Sharing

    From a desktop-only environment, create shared folders that all members of your team can use to shared data sources, scripts and results

  4. Interface

    Analyzer is designed to give you the best interface between your data and the analysis you want to perform

Multiple Data Sources

  1. Join

    An intuitive interface, including a Venn diagram, for bringing together different data sources using a wide range of joins

  2. Relations

    Easily create logical relationships between multiple data sources or recreate the relationships from among different database tables

  3. Compare

    Commonly used to compare files from two different periods of time to identify what fields have changes and/or what records have been added or deleted

  4. Merge/Append

    Used to combine or append data sources of the same structure

Audit Specific

  1. Benford’s Low Analysis

    Easily apply a Benford’s Law analysis to your data file

  2. Sampling

    Generate monetary unit and record samples. Analyzer can also be used to calculate your statistically valid sample size

  3. Self-Documenting Log

    All analysis and results generated by Analyzer are recorded in a read only log file


  1. SQL

    Easily Combine the strengths of Analyzer with the unique, powerful capabilities of SQL

  2. Scripting/Precedures

    Create customized, repeatable analytics, both simple and complex using the purpose built analysis language of Arbutus

  3. Functions

    Over 100 functions to support data analysis from categories such as Fuzzy matching, Conversion, Date/time, String, Bit/Char, Financial, Logical and Math

Data Connectors

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